Monday, May 6, 2013

Computer broke down?!

Ahoy maties!

doing this through my friend's computer.

Mine broke i think :(

so no new posts yet, sorry guys.

I'll be back soon.

Fair winds!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

House Tour! :)

So today, i though it would be cool to give you a tour of my in-game house! :D

I live in a castaway's refuge!

I've had my house for a few months now and im really proud of how its coming out :)

BUT, its not finished yet! i stall have alot more work to do in the kitchen and the basement xD

Ok, heres my house showcase! :3

 The outside is kind of boring.. im still working on it though.
You can find my docks here, and lots of spinning gears coming out of the sand!

 Just my ship, the Stormy River :)
I thought it would be cool to show you guys too!

As soon as you enter your in the living room! 

 The kitchen is behind the living room...
Its really small and its not finished yet :P
 Upstairs on the right is where is where i study!
Its like an office, really :P

 This is my favorite room in the house... :D
Im very proud of it!
Theres lots of beds so the crew can come and rest if they want :)
(the pictures diddnt come out that well though... :P)

 Small porch that comes off the bedroom.
I don't really like this room and i dont use it much.. :P
 Its really more like a cave...?
Downstairs from the Living room.
This room isn't finished either.. :T

There you have it! :D

Thats my unfinished house!

Hopefully i can finish it more... i have alot of housing items but i dont know where to put them all... :|

Oh well!

Hope you enjoyed!

Fair winds and happy sailing pirates!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Continuing on friday!

So i might not have any new updates on my adventure until friday... because thats when im getting a new gift card xD

So i might post on how my sister's charecter, Chloe Jellico is doing :3

Im going on and im going to help her finish the Prisidio and i might post about it later :)

Just saying.

Also, anybody want to meet up in-game?
I'd love to go adventuring with friends!:D
If you do, contact me!

Ok, thats all!

Fair winds pirates!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

--EL TORO??!?!?!



FOUND EL TORO!! *Trumpets*

I was hunting down El Guapo's tower and looking for him when....--



Anyway, obviosuly last time we left off i was looking for El Guapo.

When i entered the door, there was El Toro! *trumpets*

to make a long story short, i got ALOT done today xD

i defeated El Guapo, Befriended EL TORO *trumpets* and even defeated Santa Rana!!

Also, made it to level 22 and got a new companion, Growlin' Andy, who happens to be a Level 24 Cowboy!!

Also.... i found the SECRET IDENTITY OF EL TORO *trumpets*

...But, im not telling you! xD that will spoil the surprise! >:D

ok, i have about 10 pounds of pictures to show you :D

Here they are!

Treasure chest 1!

To el Guapo!

Fighting with EL TORO *trumpets*

El Guapo himself!

Bonnie! :3

EL TORO *trumpets*

Sailing :)


Fire! :O

New companion, Growlin Andy Bass

Me and Sydney in the back :


Im on fire!!

Santa Rana!!

Im the new companion! :'D

Rylee and EL TORO *trumpets*

Banditoad floor?!

The Fabulous EL TOTO *trumpets*

Chest 2!


Chest 3!
Phew, im tired after a long day XD

My current quest is venturing off ot Bison Village to find EL TORO *trumpets* Dad's Bison helper.

But i wont be able to do that... .for im out of crowns again :/
Time to go to Wallgreens XD

Ok! See you pirates later!
Fair winds!